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What is the InterX?

The InterX is an electrical device that provides Interactive Neurostimulation. It generates electrical pulses, which stimulate the skin at the area of pain/inflammation. This stimulation has an interactive nature: each consequent signal from the device communicate with the nervous system through the skin interface activating natural pain relieving mechanisms.


What does it do?

InterX treats PAIN when patient suffer from:

  • sport injuries (acute and chronic) –  muscular spasms, sprained ankle, rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, piriformis syndrome, muscular and ligament strains, patellar-femur syndrome, brachial plexitis, Shlatter’s, ileotibial band syndrome, Achilles tendon injuries, etc;
  • post-operative – after any surgery to manage pain, after hip/knee replacement, etc.;
  • workplace related injuries (acute and chronic) – neck and lower back pain, disc problems, frozen shoulder, arthritis of the joints, facet joint syndrome;
  • neuropathic pain – trigeminal neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathies, brachial plexitis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia, etc.
  • many others  –  headaches, migraines, Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS), period pains


Is it safe to use?

The InterX® products carry the European CE mark and is 510(k) cleared by the US FDA as a pain management device.

The InterX® products have been safely and effectively used to treat thousands of patients throughout the world.


How does it interact with the body?

The InterX sends pulses working through the skin at the area of damage/trauma and stimulates the variety of nerve endings to pass the information to the central nervous system, where all the regulatory processes are taking place.

By releasing the body’s own biochemicals (for example, endorphins, they are powerful natural painkillers) the body continues to work on pain and repairs the injury.

As a result of this stimulation local microcirculation is improved bringing more molecules of Oxygen and nutrients to damaged cells and removing waste products, which suggests how accelerated healing may take place.

When chronic injury/inflammation is taking place, it is an ‘unfinished business’: the body didn’t heal completely and moved it to the ‘back burner’. the InterX sends pulses working through the skin at the area of damage/trauma, and stimulates nerve receptors to release neuro-chemicals, which are aimed to assist in repairing this injury through temporarily increasing inflammation, it almost ‘mimics’ it and stimulate the nerves to pass the signals to the brain to focus on that damage and bring it to the ‘front burner’ again. That is why, sometimes, when treating chronic pain, one can experience a temporarily symptoms aggravation (few hours, typically clearing after patient had sleep).

In general, InterX therapy is a pain relief that is achieved naturally, without side effects and has a profound long-term effect.


How does it compare to TENS devices?

The InterX is a neural stimulator which generates electrical pulses and because of this it classes as TENS-like technology. The stimulation is only limited to the skin and does not penetrate skin. It is safe to use the InterX on the knee or hip replaced with metal implants immediately or long after the surgery.

skin conductivity

 Other difference from standard TENS is that the waveform constantly changes in response to the change in skin impedance, making the therapy interactive. Constantly changing waveform helps to prevent accommodation to the therapy. The InterX produces high density electrical stimulation to areas of low impedance on the skin, but because of interactivity of the waveform, it doesn’t have any damaging effect.


What happens during the treatment?

The InterX is applied to the skin, typically at the site of pain/inflammation. It is often applied along the spinal column to stimulate the nerve roots of the spinal nerves. The patient feels a comfortable prickling sensation. In cases of very pronounced pain the operator can increase the intensity to a stronger pulse to counterbalances the pain. Treatment is always delivered at a comfortable level of stimulation.

The area of the treatment has to be uncovered as the InterX requires contact with the skin. On some occasions where hair prevents full contact a comb attachment can be used.


How long does the treatment last?

Typically, 20 to 30 minutes, but even after 10 minutes of stimulation one can feel soothing of pain. In case of very chronic pain, treatment is 30 minutes but administered less frequently allowing the body to settle.


How many treatments do I need?

The course of treatments varies – from 1 session to many. It is very important to have treatment sessions close to each other, particularly in case of acute pain. The body releasing own neuro chemicals that have impact on the injury, however, after few hours the neuropeptides break down and more stimulation is needed. InterX removes also some negative factors preventing the healing that is why a frequent application enables natural healing processes. Typically, the course of treatments is 4 – 8 session within the space of two to three weeks. After that period, it is a treatment break recommended for at least one month. However, during the break, the body continues started natural healing process.

pain reduction

In case of chronic pain the patient should expect gradual pain reduction over a period of time, often with temporary aggravations. The more chronic condition, the more time it would take to achieve sustained pain relief.


What to expect after the treatment?

Typically pain lessens immediately after the treatment although there may be some residual pain. As pain relief is achieved through the release of the body’s own endorphins and other neuropeptides, the full effect from the treatment is expected within the following couple of hours and lasts sometimes for two days.

Since InterX is an Interactive neurostimulation treatment the patient must watch and monitor the changes in their body. These changes are important and help to guide a therapist through the treatment process. After the treatment the pain localises in the area where the InterX should be applied next and this area often becomes achy at night. This is a common and good reaction and must be reported to the therapist.

You will also find the patient feeling thirsty, so they should drink plenty of water.

Very often as a result of stimulation reaching the central nervous system, you may feel sleepy. Our advice is to allow the body to rest as it promotes the healing process.

In general, the typical outcome of the session is that the patient feels good, “grounded”, warm, and with a sense of well being.



Does it complement other therapies?

Interactive Neurostimulation combines with most known therapies very well. There has never been any adverse outcome reported. It is important to have good diet and rest throughout the treatment process and gradually introduce an appropriate exercises program at the stage of recovery.

When seeking pain relief one should understand that high dosage of pain medication can mask real outcome of the treatment, therefore we recommend the patient to consult his/her doctor once pain is under control with the InterX device to reduce or cancel pain medication.


Treatment fees:  depending on the time spent with the patient. Pensioners and students are given concessions.