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Case study 3 : Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Male, 41 years old

Fair health state, IBS in history 15 years, followed by a low back injury at age of 15, injury of cervical spine later in life.
Not taking any medication, in the past was taking anti-inflammatory and immodium. Diet is not great, drinking cider, wine, eating spicy foods.
History of IBS: started off discomfort in the lower abdomen in response to stress further developed to an agonising pain and instant desire to  go to toilet. Very disturbing for life.
Observation: Periodically stressed, sleep well. Abdomen is distended. Palpation: lower abdomen and sacral area are tender to palpation.

  1. 1st treatment – Assessment, shows that the Active region is cervical. Treated with Flex Array – significant relaxation + 6 points
  2. 2nd treatment – pain in the lower back focused on Lumbar zone
  3. 3rd & 4th treatments – treatment of the lower abdomen and Flex array on the Lumbar-Sacral zone;
  4. 4th  & 5th treatments – exacerbation of pain in the lower abdomen, focused on the Sigmoid projection,;

Treatment outcome – mid course – pain is a lot less and even poor diet would not stimulate it.

  1. 6th and 7th treatments – focus on the Lumbar back region with Flex array and working on the upper abdomen (complaint zone);
  2. 8th  treatment –Assessment – Active zone shifted to mid Thoracic, focused on it.
  3. 9th and 10th treatments  – spinal roots L4, L5 with Flex array focused on the dermatomes.
  4. 11th and 12th treatments – assessment + 6 points, readings shifted again to Low back. Treated with the Flex array.

Treatment result:
Pain is completely absent, even when stressed or poor diet.

Recommended to purchase a home use device to maintain the result and get further improvement.


A resent progress was checked three years from his first treatment.

During the first year he used his personal device occasionally, mostly as a preventative treatment. Now the patient reported that there were no symptoms of pain or discomfort, even in stressful situations.