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I am affected by synostosis talocalcanea. In other words, astragalus and calcaneous are solidified, from birth, preventing my feet from moving properly and from providing the right balance to my body. I cannot undergo surgery, as it is not sure this would solve the problem. The consequence? Chronic pain to my legs, my lower back and lack of balance, which I instinctively try to compensate by flexing my tibial muscles and, by doing so, chronically inflammating tendons and ligaments. All this once caused considerable pain, so much so that standing up still had become a real problem and even shaving in the morning, despite being a 5 min activity, had turned into an unbearable pain.

I started by treating my legs and my lower back with InterX (at first daily, now at least three times a week). Since then, muscular tension has drastically reduced and pain threshold is definitely higher. Now I can stand up still a few minutes longer than I was used to, without feeling any pain. Not good enough, you say? Wrong. A totally different perspective! It means being able to give a 15 minute speech without clinging my teeth to stand the pain, it means taking the tube without having to dash for the empty seat, it means being able to run without having to limp the day after because of inflammation. Now, what do you say? Isn’t this a different perspective altogether?? ?

Simon (S.U.)