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After awkwardly lifting a large garden pot I suffered some mild lower back pain that I ignored for 5 weeks while it gradually deteriorated until I went to my GP and was prescribed anti inflamatories and pain killers pending a proposed visit to the physio. I didn’t much like taking the pills so I stopped after a few days and a week later I collapsed with pain getting out of bed and was unable to dress myself. Coincidentally, a friend arrived at the house and when she asked what the problem was insisted on booking an appointment for me with Dr Frost, who she had previously seen with a great outcome. I was sceptical but went along in desperation late that afternoon. After a consultation and examination etc I received an hours treatment with the device and was amazed to be able to move so easily. The pain was noticeably reduced and although it did return a little later that evening (which I had been warned might occur), but by the next morning I was very much better again. I went again for another session a day later and my recovery steadily improved daily even without another treatment for a week (though I did self treat but that did not seem to me to be so effective). I had one more treatment and by then was 90% recovered and all within a week – I wish I had known about InterX and gone for my initial visit earlier as I am sure my recovery would have been even quicker. Two weeks further on now and I have no pain at all, though I feel perhaps my back is still a little weak probably due to lack of use.An amazing and frankly unbelievable experience to be honest. Thank you Zulia.

Rob W