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Dr Frost is offering regular training workshops to enhance practical skills in the use of the InterX device. She is an approved CPD provider meaning that certification can be counted towards Continuing Professional Development targets.

Training is aimed at medical professionals and complementary therapists providing pain management and rehabilitation: Anaesthsists, Physiotherapists; pain nurses; occupational therapists, homeopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, sport massage therapists, etc.

Workshops are designed to assure that the therapist is following the correct routine using the InterX device to provide interactive neurostimulation and get the best therapeutic outcomes that are safe for the patient. Further training is covering aspects of ethical understanding and attitude. There are 2 types of training: foundation and advanced.


  • ‘Foundation’ covers use of the InterX for a treatment of Acute, Chronic pain

This workshop is a first introduction of a method of Non-Invasive Interactive Neurostimulation.  Comparisons is made with other electrical stimulation devices and explains why the InterX is more effective, guides thorough explaining signal stimulation patterns, introduces first findings supporting the mechanism of action, introducing clinical evidence.

The second part of the workshop is practical, teaches basic operation and three step treatment process, and use of the external electrodes, introducing clinical aspect of NIN: Indications/ Contra-indications, clinical goals; explains the concept of the Active Site; teaches how to plan the treatment; explains other treatment options.

In this workshop patients with real pain conditions are presented as a demo case study. They are treated interactively.


  • ‘InterX Assessment’ covers application of the InterX in advanced clinical evaluation

This workshop covers understanding of relative skin impedance (AR), rational behind in taking readings for the assessment, explains the patient preparation and introduces the Assessment Protocol step by step, further explaining how to plan treatment based on the assessment outcome.

The second part of the workshop is practical, introducing the Assessment Protocol and giving the possibility to understand and analyse the obtained data from the patient; demonstrates aspects of documenting obtained readings on the sample cases.

In this workshop patients with real pain conditions are presented as a demo case study. The assessment is performed interactively followed by the analysis of the outcome and based on it treatment planning.


  • ‘Management of complex chronic and neuropathic pain’ covers advanced clinical application of the InterX

At this workshop therapists learn modern understanding of Complex chronic pain and its impact on the patient, introducing a deeper understanding of the Active Sites. New concept of Homeostatic Neural Points and Prognostic Quantitive evaluation Technique are taught as well as given knowledge of the anatomy of the Homeostatic Neural Points and treatment protocols

The second part of the workshop is practical where the participants will have to learn finding Homeostatic Neural Points on the body and perform Prognostic Evaluation Technique.

Treatments of the patients that are presented with complex chronic degenerative and complex chronic neuropathic pain will be demonstrated.


How to apply: 

Please complete the ‘Enrolment form’ and email it from the website

Alternatively you can contact the office or fax it through using the contact details below.  Training starts from 10am and finishes at 5pm with the lunch break between 1 and 2pm. Courses are typically run at the weekend and parking is free. (see the map enclosed)

Please feel free to contact Dr Z Frost should you have more questions about the InterX device and training: or participate our discussion forum: