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The InterX® device is designed to provide Non-invasive Interactive Neurostimulation (NIN) therapy for treatment of acute, chronic and neuropathic pain. The InterX is an ideal tool for treatment of an injury at any stage of rehabilitation and delivers safe, non-invasive therapy with no side effects.

The InterX®5002 device is designed to be used by professional therapists to manage a vast variety of pain conditions. Compared to the personal device, the InterX®5002 has:

    • A fully functional organic LCD colour display – with brightness adjustment
    • Impedance feedback parameters are displayed on the screen to analyse and identify the best treament areas
    • Wide range of therapeutic programmes
    • Wide range of conditions to treat from acute to chronic/neuropathic
    • 2 mode interface – Sport & Therapeutics
    • Large capabilities which do require training available on request
    • Interface with quick access to desirable waveform presets based on clinical conditions
    • Specifically designed for long- hour professional use
    • Compatibility with all range of accessories
    • 1 full Year warranty



InterX®5002 Professional

The InterX®5002 is a class 2 Medical device for treatment of acute, chronic and post-operative pain. It is manufactured in the US and is conforms ISO 13485 medical device quality assurance, carries CE and FDA certification.  All the claims are supported by published studies. Our training literature includes easy step-by-step laminated guide, operation manual, training dvd and protocols for treatment of various conditions, including neuropathic pain.

Sales to UK only, please contact us if you are outside UK.

Prices may vary dependant on US Dollar exchange rate.

UK Delivery fee £14

Price inc VAT: £3,600.00 (exc VAT £3,000.00)

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•    Dual Flexible 3 x3 array;
•    Comb (for hairy skin) attachment;
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•    Cosmetic Electrode

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