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I was being treated for a serious non-healing ulcer in my toe. The circulation was so poor that the GP could not find a pulse in my leg and the infection was serious enough that I could loose the leg. It was at this point I was introduced to Zulia. On inspecting the foot she immediately set to work with everything that Interx had to offer. Zulia treated me for 6 weeks solidly leading up to my operation. By then I had got a normal pulse back into my leg and the ulcer had healed completely. Unfortunately osteomyelitis had set in the big toe and the surgeon was not sure how far the amputation would need to go.

After the operation, the surgeon had only taken the toe off down to the first metatarsal; this was all due to the hard work of Zulia and the Interx.

I continued to see Zulia once a week since the operation for another problem; since a child I have suffered from very poor circulation and in 1977 I have had 4 coronaries, the first almost fatal. Over a period of years I have been on various medications. Since seeing Zulia I have been able to reduce my medication by half with no detrimental effect to my health.

I can only suggest that anyone with either minor or major illness contact Zulia, before and/or after surgery. The Interx does help the healing process.

I cannot find enough words to tell you what the Interx and someone who is totally dedicated like Dr Zulia Frost has done for me.

Colin Rose