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Female, G.M. 76 years old, OA case

Osteoarthritis 1 OA2OA3


Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common degenerative condition. It can occur in any joint in the body, it is often in the knees and hips, but also frequently happens in the hands. OA is caused by breakdown of cartilage, with eventual loss of the cartilage of the joints. Cartilage covers the surface of the joint; when the cartilage degenerates, it becomes thin and the ‘wear and tear’ process causes local inflammation in the bone, so it becomes inflamed and local bony protrusions like a spur could cause sharp pains when the joint is moved. This especially occurs in people whose body ph is acidic and dehydrated.

This patient came with severe aggravation of chronic arthritis in her carpo-metacarpal joint. This joint was very inflamed, painful (7 out of VAS) and restricted joint movement (only to 15º instead of 90º), hot, swollen and tender at palpating. InterX was used right on the joint, scan at 60PPS, target at 240PPS and Dynamic at 30 – 120PPS during 30 minutes + simultaneous use of the flexible array, Cycle 2 on her Cervical zone for 20 minutes. She was given to use the Personal InterX 1000 on Preset 4 and 3 for daily application of 30 minutes. In four days time, she reported no pain, significant increase in range of motion from 15º to 85º, no signs of inflammation, but slightly tender at palpation. She continued to use the personal device. After last treatment five days later, she reported no pain, full range of motion and ability to perform every day tasks.

Remote result, the patient did not have pain in this joint until exactly 7 months later after overuse of the hand at gardening, resulting in moderate inflammation which was controlled by home use InterX 1000.