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Case study 6 :   Osteoarthritis, Female, 62 years old

Good health state, suffered with osteoarthritis for 3 years, this accompanied by varicose vein and thrombosis.
Not taking any medication. In past was taking anti-inflammatory. Diet is good, drinking plenty of water.
History of the current flair up: pain in the left knee (7) affecting walking ability preventing to go up or down stairs.
Observation/ palpation: oedema at the anterior/superior aspect of the knee joint and smaller size of oedema at the medial/superior aspect of the knee, tender to palpation.
Dynamic: difficulty in walking down stairs

  1. 1st course of treatments –local area scanning and focusing. Flex array on the Sacral area; finishing up with dynamic treatment by walking up and down stairs. In 6 treatments a complete pain relief. Treatment break.
  2. 2nd course of treatments –Treatment of the knee and associated pain in the lower back and the hip – left side of the body, focusing at localised treatment and the dynamic treatment with Flex array resulted in a complete resolution of all sites of pain. (5 treatments)
  3. 3rd course of treatments – aimed at entirely different situation: she broke her left ankle joint and were treated after she was discharged from the hospital and her plaster was removed. After 4 treatments her pain was completely under control and walking was pain free. Treatment 5 was aimed to aggravation of the accompanying cystitis. 2 treatment and home –based treatment by using the personal device resolved cystitis completely.

Comments: The patient periodically treated herself for small aches and pains of compensatory character and associated with the late and inadequate rehab that resulted in the pain in the opposite foot and sciatic pain due to sciatic nerve irritation. Today status is very good, the patient reports no pain.


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