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Case study 4 :   Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Female, 19 years old

Fair health state, CPRS for 2 years, started of when she was only 17 years old, followed by multiple injuries to the coccyx and the head at age of 8 and 15. at age of 17 developed a serious low back pain in the left sacroiliac joint that progressed into a more serious pain across the whole back resulting in spasms and autonomic reactions like change in the skin temperature and spasms of micro-vessels (feet discolouration).
Prescribed variety of pain controlling and antispasmodic medication: diclophenac, amintriptilin, gabopentine, .
Observation: frail, extremely sensitive to touch, rigid walking, very low muscular tone in the whole body muscles,  very tired, pain (8 – 10), poor sleep. Palpation is almost impossible at the site of pain – left SI joint.

  • 1st course of treatments (December) – Assessment, technique, HS technique,  working only on the spine in painting technique. Small improvement, still in pain.
  • 2nd course of treatments  (short, January) – HS techniques.
  • 3rd course of treatments (long February/March) – HS, techniques, source points technique, for the first time local technique at the zone of pain – left SI joint.
  • 4th course of treatments (May) short – Treatment outcome –pain is less (4 – 5) still lots of spasms, focused on a spine techniques with the dermatomes.
  • 5th course of treatments (June) –  had a detox reaction (parallel homeopathic treatment  (for 10 days reaction)

Treatment result:  after that great progress: pain is considerably less (3- 4), reduced sensitivity to tough  – was able to treat her at the site of injury. Walking is better, sleep is better, focused, completely off her medication, actively started rehab.
At the moment is on a treatment break.

Used a home device with the Flex array for the first 3 courses of treatment to support the result.