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Female, Z.F. 45 year old
2nd degree burn

Burns are notorious for terrible pain, but more over, that burnt part of the skin makes the body to be defenceless from environmental bacteria and most of the time complicated by secondary infection. That is why people have to go to casualty.



Here is a case of myself, I must say, that this is my second serious burn.


This one is a 2nd degree burn, which means that it is deeper and blisters. The burn was from bubbling hot oil and clearly very sore. I used my personal InterX immediately following quick rinse with water. To engage all possible mechanisms for pain control, I had to use quite high intensity of pulsing current as well as to use highest signal  frequency 480PPS. (Preset 4). Because the burnt area was small (fitted to the size of the electrode) I applied it directly to the burn, total treatment time 15 minutes.

Pain and soreness disappeared. It was still sensitive to heat, but it didn’t bother me for another 2 hours. After two hours I treated the burn again with the same protocol, but for shorter time – 10 minutes. Pain completely abated and I was able to touch it without any discomfort. After the second treatment the blisters have settled. I did NOT HAVE ANY FURTHER PAIN during the whole recovery process. There was NO ANY INFLAMMATION or bacterial contamination. The wound stayed dry and clean. I had only one more treatment for 5 minutes the following day. In three weeks time there was not much reminder of that severe burn.

I understand that it is very difficult to design any study to verify the treatment outcome, both for ethical and scientific reasons. Sceptic might say, it would have healed maybe by itself, but the bottom line, is that the InterX helped me without any medication stay pain free and I didn’t have to go to casualty and take up time of medical personnel who might be more needed for someone who has much more serious trauma.

InterX device owner, I would encourage you to treat yourself as soon as possible from the onset of the trauma. However, please always consult your doctor to assess the damage.