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Female, R.S. 64 years old diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Degenerative disc disease


The patient suffered with degenerative back and disc disease for over 9 years, muscular atrophy on the lateral aspect of her left thigh following L2 dermatome from such prolonged compression on the associated nerve. She was walking with a significant limp as her left leg is shorter. However, her main complaint was on a severe and consistent stabbing pain in her left groin and knee when she was walking. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

On her first visit the pain was very intense 8 – 10 (VAS), especially when walking; she was depressed, overweight and suffered with poor sleep. She occasionally resorted to NSAID. After the initial assessment, the cervical zone was identified as the active region and treated with the Flex array, cycle 2, on the follow up sessions she received a treatment at the spinal root, the corresponding dermatomes L1/L2 and the contra-lateral side.

Back Disease Back Disease
By the end of the treatment course (7th and 8th treatments) her pain was significantly less 2 – 4 (VAS), without stabbing sensations when walking and with less limp. Her sleep improved.
After two weeks break resumed the treatments with her personal InterX device to maintain the result and gain further improvement, but treat only when she experienced pain.
The second course of treatments was after 4 weeks break for two weeks and resulted in further pain relief, where pain appeared once in about four days and in average not more than 4 (VAS).
Her progress was checked after 6 months, where the patient reports no pain in her legs, hips or knees. She had pain in her neck which she treated with her personal device. Pain abated in two weeks time. She was recommended stretching exercises and walking, to which she adhered.
Last progress was checked after two years from her first treatment, where the patient appeared to be in good health, she lost two stones, her gate had a minimal undetectable limp, no pain anywhere, good sleep, no depression, with a beaming smile.