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Male, C.W. 32 years old

Fracture of the head of the humerus

Fall on the shoulder whilst snowboarding, a week ago before coming for Interx treatment. A fracture was confirmed by X-Ray with the prescribed standard treatment to immobilize it with a sling.

In order to speed up healing, this patient was treated with the InterX device. First, the area of the shoulder was scanned with 360PPS and area of exact projection of the fracture was identified and stimulated for 20 minutes, followed by treatment of the back of the neck and upper thoracic area (anterior and posterior aspect) to relax muscular spasm associated with mild whiplash injury.

The patient was provided with the personal InterX Sport device and dual flexible array to cover (like a sandwich) the shoulder area. Home use treatment protocol was to use  Preset 4 and apply the dual flex array to the shoulder for 20 minutes and back of the neck for 10 minutes, two – three times day.

Progress was checked after a week of application, there was no sign of local inflammation such as swelling, redness, or pain.

This patient did not experience pain through out the treatment process and recovered smoothly after two weeks intensive treatment with the personal Sport InterX device. X-Ray after exactly three weeks from the day of trauma confirmed a complete healing (please see below).

Patient was referred for physiotherapy for rehab exercises and three weeks later he reports a complete recovery.

Before : Shoulder fracture 23 March 2010

Before : Shoulder fracture 23 March 2010


After : Shoulder fracture 16 April 2010

After : Shoulder fracture 16 April 2010